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I have a little time left of core now, not much tho
lol, I think I'll actually miss my current page layout, oh well :v
Tagged by this goofball :iconfluffsamasprime:

Time to answer question

1) Favorite villain? Can be from anything.

- Already a hard one? I dunno man, I'm really into Neo Cortex right now, but he's really dumb.
I guess of all time would be Giygas, nothing is more evil them becoming evil itself.

2) sunny or cloudy day?

- Cloudy.

3) If you could go back in time and change anything to make the future better what would you do? (No killing though)

- This answer would involve a lot brazilian history lesson, so I'll save you the time and just say that would involve me going back to the past and smacking a bad idea out of someone's head.

4) So you're given an opportunity to join a deep space exploration team, but joining it means you'll never return to earth. Would you go?

-If the earth is exploding yes, if that's not the case, nope.

5) Hopes? Dreams? Fuckit lets hear about nightmare! Ever have a reoccurring nightmare, or some sort of horrific creature in them?

-Not really, but that answer is really boring so I'll tell you about a nightmare I had as a little kid.
I was in a boat with some people in the middle of the sea, and then the sea started boiling, with bubbles and everything. The heat made the sea so agitated that people started falling of the ship, getting boiled alive. I remember that in detail from my childhood, hope it was a good one ;Vc

6) Favorite guilty pleasure video game?

-Shit, probably Huniecam Studio. That game way is more fun then it has the right to be.

7) Who is the biggest boy in big boy town?

-Me *puts on big boy pants*

8) best death scene?

-I really like that death scene in Fritz the Cat, when the crow gets shot. There's probably better ones, but I think this one is really good.

9) um.... Which Power/Prism Ranger would you be? 

-Red Ranger from Wild Force, so I can be a Ranger and Tarzan.

10) Ever go off a sweet jump?


11) favorite book series as a kid?

-Book series? Harry Potter. Single Volume?The Little Prince.

12) coolest mythological creature?

-The Tengu. Something about them is just too awesome for some reason.

13) Least favorite season?

-Summer, fuck that heat.

That's all of'em. I'm not tagging anyone cause Fluff's already tagged everyone I know( And I dont wanna come up with questions HAHAHHAHAHHAA)


They better not fuck this one up!!
First I need to disclose that I'm not american, and wasn't very well educated on the history of the United States, as I have the history of my own country to study. I've recently come to the realization though, that American history is nothing short of fascinating, and hugely influential on the development on western civilization. I've been seeking books and documentaries uncovering these various historical figures recently, and really, what sparked my interest in learning more about was the musical Hamilton.
Now, I do understand that the musical is suposed to be a romancised version of the events, and it's obviosly not that acurrate, and even thougth I don't think is a perfect musical( I have some minor problems here and there with it) I still think it deserves a lot of the praises that it gets. Hell, I've been listening to it non-stop ha getit for a few months now and I still love it, and the reason I think I like it so much, besides the music of course, it's the way that some of the characters are presented. 
And heres the part where I ask for your opinion if you're still reading this: Who were your favorite characters of the musical and why? There's no limit on the number of characters, I just want to see what other people can apreciate from this musical, here's some of mine(keep in mind I haven't watched the musical, only listened to it on the audio version):

Alexander Hamilton: I love how insanelly dedicated and passionate he is to his causes, but he's stll got plenty of flaws to feel like a real person. He's the kind of character that really shines when he has to overcome some kinda of adverstity, wheter it'd be by his unrelenting dedication, or just by how smart he is. He's really great when he has a great antagonist to go up against, and speaking of antagonists.

Thomas Jefferson: I just cant get over how much I like this character. Really bold of the author to make an antagonist out of one of the founding fathers, but I think it paid off really well. His rivalry with Hamilton provides some of my favorite interactions in the entire musical. And the way that he rubs victory in the face of the oponnents, the way he loves to win really sells this idea of a great opponent( kinda reminds me of the Phonix/Edgeworth rivalry tbh, maybe that's why I like it so much)

Aaron Burr: I dont think I'll ever be able to listen to Burr's voice not being performed by Leslie Odom Jr. He was probably my favorite singer/actor in the whole thing, being calm and rational when needed, and also pulling of some of the most emotive moments in the musical. He's character was also one the best, deeply layered and human, more so then I was expecting to be honest.

King George: I just fucking love his performance, so funny.
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So, I was tagged by :iconxrsjaru: to talk a little about Kaz. Sorry this took so long btw ;>

1. Post these rules.
2. Post 8 facts about your character.
3. Tag 8 other characters.
4. Post their names along with their creators' avatars.

Let's do this! by Dhemuth

Some Kaz facts for you.

1. Kaz is partially deaf, due to the constant exposure to the sound of shotguns, canons and bombs during certain conflicts. He's got a pretty good nosenostrils to make up for it tho.

2. Cooking is one of the few things he enjoy as a hobby, something that Lazarro1 Inktober: Fast by Dhemuth, his partner, appreciates a lot. Another thing he likes is high speed drifting, his partner doesn't apreciate that as much, unless their chasing someone or being chased.

3. Kaz's training routine in the army involved puching rocks in the winter. Yeah, you don't wanna know how his punches feel like.

4. His full name is a pun for "rattle snake" in portuguese. No big conspiracy here, I just thought it sounded cool.

5. Oh ye, that's why he has a lil snake emblem. Even tho all the members of his squad carry the same shield.

6. He may be scary, but his partner Lazzaro, is much more meneacing when no one is looking. Truth is, Kaz's got a little more heart and compassion then he appears to, while Lazzaro is much more cold and calculating.

7. He hates Malak  Malak Illusionism by Dhemuth more then anyone he knows. He's hunting him for the reward, yes, but that takes a back seat to the personal motivations. 

8. He's not the brightest guy you'll meet, but he's pretty smart in a practical sense. He sees a problem, he tries to solve it in fastest and most efficient way possible. This usually works well for gathering supplies, fighting strong opponents and surviving in the wild, not so much for fixing car engines.

Oh ye, I'm not tagging anyone, dont really feel like it.
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I was tagged by :iconketoryuu:, sorry I took this long to make this, I wanted to have some more updated art of her to use in this journal.

1. Post these rules.
2. Post 8 facts about your character.
3. Tag 8 other characters.
4. Post their names along with their creators' avatars.

Murasaki's Valentine Card by Dhemuth
So, some Murasaki facts for you guys:

1) She's a Tennin, the highest tier of mystical creatures in her universe, so she's basically royalty. I say royalty, but that title is mostly simbolyc, as the Army is actually the entity that controls the empire where she lives, with the one and only High General being the supreme ruler.

2) Murasaki's actually mixed blood though. Her father was a Mononoke, wich in this universe, is a breed of mystical creatures that resemble animals or have animal like features. Because of that she has the abilty to turn her arms into wings, her feet into talons, and grow a long feathery tail on her back. She keeps this a secret though, as this would be a scandal for the Royal House, not that she cares that much about her image, but she likes the privileges.

3) She's close friends with a pop song artist. They secretly meet so they can listen to her new songs before they're released to the public. It's mostly eletronic music, with a suddle traditional oriental touch to it. 

4) All of her attacks are based on songs from her previously mentioned friend. She basically uses music as an inspiration to slaughter people on the battlefield.

5) Although most Tennin usually prefer a more safe and bureaucratic life, studying law, art or science, she averted those ways and joined the most fearsome Squad of the Army, becoming a potentially strong link between the Royal Family and the Army. Unfortunately for the Royal family, she has no interest in becoming a political tool, she just wants to kill people.

6) She's blatantly disrespectful and defiant towards her Superior and Martial-Arts Teacher, who's her cousin and also a Tennin, (this guy  A nameless OC 1 by Dhemuth) as she sees him as a Rival. On the other hand, she feels extremely atracted to her Master and High General (this guy  3 Inktober: ??? by Dhemuth), wich is also a uncommon because most people are absolutely terrefied of him. His power, strenght and mercilessness are extremely atractive to her, wich again, are also the reason why everyone fears him.

7) She flirts with guards of her castle and lower ranking soldiers of the Army. Not because she's atracted to them though, she just loves the attention and having people finding her attractive. If you don't find her attractive,it is advisible to pretend like you do. She's one the last people you would wanna piss off.

8) She was trained to take on entire rebelions on her own(Dinasty Warriors style), making her one of the strongest Warriors of her Nation. She's not a big fan of taking on little guys though, she likes it, but is not the same as defeating a truly strong oponent.

And there you have it, I spent way too much time writing this and I should be ashamed of it.

As for the tags

:iconaer0hail:'s Sam

:icong0ttam:'s Amber

:iconpartulla:'s Kevin

:iconfluffsamasprime:'s Jasper

:icongishinaki:'s Kaleho

:iconmadbuns:'s Eudora

:iconagentasshat:'s Agent

:iconenterprisi:'s Damien

Please don't feel obligated to do this, just if you want to.
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So, I recieved 3 months of core membership from an anonymous user,
though I have my suspicions on who that might
But regardless of that, thank you, whoever you are. I'll try to make the best out of the new features.
Maybe rethink my user name??? I dunno, we'll see...
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My audition got accepted and I am officially in the roster for the :icontowertournamentoct:
I wasn't expecting to be facing such an experienced opponent right in the first round, but that just means I'll have give my best and hope for things to work out.
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I dont care anymore :/
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So, I just thought I'd organize myself a little, while showing you guys what I have planned.

Tower Tournament - Character Sheet 1 - Kaz

Progress Bar - Shading by Oceannist Finishing

Tower Tournament - Charcater Sheet 2 - Malak

Progress Bar - Shading by Oceannist Finishing

Haunted Library Expectator Round - Final Chapter

Progress Bar - Sketching by Oceannist Script

Tower Tournament - Audition Round

Progress Bar - Inking by Oceannist Skething
Gotta say, I can't keep myself away from these OCTs, I love'em. And the Tower Tournament OCT seems to have an really interesting premisse.
This time, it'll be a duo. As always, they'll be villainous antagonistic characters, because that seems to be my thing for some reason. So yeah, you guys can expect these two evil little fuckers to be arriving at the Tower in the next couple of months.
Wish me luck!
Crazy huh?
I kinda felt the need to register this, since is such a big deal. What do I make of it? Not sure to be honest. I just hope things work out for the best.
I actually wasn't expecting to make it in this one at all, but apparently I'm doing something right huh. :D
Coincidentally, today was my DA account's anniversary( even I forgot about that), so I'll take this as a present? I dunno.
I'm just glad I'll be able to be a part of this comunnity, and hopefully I'll be to make this a cool experience for myself and those involved with it.
I got tagged to write 8 facts about Lou  HL: Lou Reference Sheet by Dhemuth
The one who tagged me was this sausage :iconxrsjaru:

 These are the rules:

- Post 8 facts about your character
- Tag 8 different charactes
- Post t
heir names along with their creator's avatars

Ok, Here they are:

1- Lou belongs to a species of grotesque humanoid creatures. Now he is one of the few left who have survived and are still wandering around the world.

2- Although bigger than usual, Lou looks pretty much like a human on the outside. However, if you're unfortunate enough to open a deeper wound on him, you'll find out that his a much more abrasive organism on the inside, meaning that you'll probably have a bad time.

3- He absolutely hates his real name, for it's one of the few things that he never seem to forget. No matter how much you insist, he won't tell it.

4- He's very much capable of living a normal life in a regular society, as long as he keeps himself fed, which is the main problem.

5- He can be very blunt with his words, often making enemies even without noticing. And it's not as common, but sometimes he can give people some very kind compliments without realizing how much it means to them. Basically, he's speaks out of his heart( or whatever he has where his heart is supposed to be.)

6- He has killed a LOT of people, trying to count it's basically pointless. As some would say, do you remember how many breads you've eaten in your life?

7- He's never been in a romantic relationship. His species's human exterior is basically a design choice to make them fit in, but they were never ment to reproduce, wich means he doesn't have any kind of sexual drive or orientation. Having that said, he can still grow attached to someone, to the point where he'll protect or even risk his life for that person.

8- If I had to choose a theme song for him, it would be…

Welp, that was fun!

:iconicassiekinz:- Ian
:iconenterprisi:- Damien
:iconminthuu:- Asora
:iconlanmana:- Satei
:iconalkogolik:- Kosmo
:iconvisiface:- Machiko
:iconaikaikaik:- Tarak
:iconmarkonification: Koolegh

Sorry, I barely know most of the people on this list(some of you I just exchanged a few words in some comment section). Remember this is for fun, and is completely up to do it. Anyways, tag.